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ShopBuilder is a drag-and-drop tool that helps users build and customize Flutter mobile app in an easy way. Instead of spending thousands of dollars in hiring a mobile developer team and months waiting for the app to be delivered, users now could be able to build their own mobile app in just a few steps by dragging and dropping actions.

Main Feature of ShopBuilder

  • Flexible Design & Customization: We provide our customers with tons of stunning templates and flexible design systems to create your own awesome apps.
  • History Design: Accessing previously edited templates is much easier thanks to history design management features.
  • Instant Delivery: When published, configurations will be pushed on Cloud Storage or your website hosting, without re-submitting to Google Play or App Store.
  • Zero Risk and High Potential: Experience your app on your phone before launch and without any commitment. We support the free cancellation anytime you want. No questions asked.